How to Gamble Safely

To gamble safely, you must make certain you have a healthy attitude towards gambling and that you always play responsibly. Secondly, you should make certain you play with regulated casinos with sufficient security standards in terms of customer data protection, fraud prevention and payments.

In this article, we will discuss all aspects of gambling safely online. We will clarify the most important responsible gambling practices and supply practical advice on how you can make sure you are gambling responsibly. Additionally, you will discover ways to detect early warning signs of compulsive gambling inside your own behaviour or that of somebody you understand.

We will even look closely at what constitutes a safe and trustworthy casino site and shed some light on the facts of general online safety. Keep reading for a thorough explanation of how to gamble on line safely.

Gambling Responsibly

Gambling is an enjoyable and entertaining pastime, and luckily, most players never experience any dilemmas. However , gambling can be addictive and also have dire consequences if it is approached compulsively.

Unfortuitously, a gambling problem can be difficult to tackle once it has manifested fully, which is why it is advisable to avoid such a scenario to begin with.

With that being said, it's not always simple to distinguish between a harmless pastime and a compulsive, and potentially damaging, behaviour. The reality is, players might have trouble discerning involving the two and therefore neglect to recognise tendencies that indicate a developing gambling problem.

How to Play Responsibly In Six Steps

There are techniques which could assist you to detect preventing negative gambling patterns.

Responsible gambling starts with having a healthier attitude, and to that end, there are many fundamental principles that you need to always follow. In the event that you stay glued to these axioms, you'll be able to play safely and detect any potential problems in early stages.

Follow these six straightforward steps to ensure you gamble responsibly and stay cautious with any indicators that might indicate a gambling problem:


Gambling is not a way to make money

Inform you to yourself that gambling is not ways to earn money, but a type of entertainment that you simply pay for. You should view your web gambling the same way you view your Netflix subscription.


Never bet more than you can lose

Never bet a lot more than you are able to lose. You should never exceed your set budget or play with money that's not yours. Lastly, you shouldn't play with money you have borrowed or make an effort to win your losses right back.


Monitor the time you spend gambling

It is easy to lose track of time if you are doing something you love. Consciously monitor the time spent gambling and make certain you are balancing your gambling with other pursuits. If family members or people in your area think you spend a lot of time gambling, usually do not take it as criticism. Instead, you ought to see this as an opportunity for you yourself to assess your overall situation objectively.


Set a gambling budget and stick to it

Allocate a plan for your gambling entertainment and become disciplined. Never exceed your budget no matter the circumstances. When you are making an excuse to do this, you could well be on the way to developing an unhealthy attitude towards gambling.


Do not play when you are feeling depressed

Never seek solace through gambling don't gamble when you are consuming alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, you should never play when you are feeling depressed. It is crucial that you are in a joyful and balanced state when you gamble, and that you do not use gambling to flee from your problems or concerns.


Use Responsible Gambling tools as support

Casinos offer Responsible Gambling tools that can help you limit the time and money you may spend playing. If your gambling habits are starting to spiral unmanageable, you can also request to be excluded from a casino site. We strongly declare that you use these tools and that you continuously stay conscious of any observeable symptoms of compulsive gambling. Finally, you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to get help if you believe you are losing control.

How To Know If You Have a Gambling Problem

If you're feeling uncertain about your gambling habits, we suggest you have a quick test. By answering eight simple questions, you may get an assessment of your overall gambling habits in less than a minute.

Centered on your final score, we will provide you with a brief evaluation of your overall gambling habits along with tips about how to proceed.

Listed here is a brief explanation of how this test works and how you should utilize it:

  • The test comprises eight yes or no questions.
  • Answering ‘Yes’ to a question gives you 1 point. Answering “No’ offers you 0 points.
  • Mark your score on each question and add the points up if you have answered all the eight questions.
  • You will be given an assessment predicated on your total score. Additionally, you will find these assessments and tips further down in this article.

It is very important to bear in mind that this survey is in no way a professional evaluation of your current gambling habits.

It is simply a tool which hopefully makes it possible to develop the required awareness and point you towards the correct action predicated on your overall situation.

Take Appropriate Action

If your test results have revealed a potential gambling problem, you must act straight away.

Listed below are the three assessments and guidelines centered on your final score, since they are shown in the test:

Seek Professional Help Immediately (6-8 Points)

Unfortuitously, your test results show signs of a manifested gambling problem.

It really is clear you are not in charge of your gambling habits, and we strongly urge you to avoid gambling straight away.

We suggest you self-exclude from any gambling sites that you will be currently playing with and that you seek professional help.

At this time, responsible gambling tools will not suffice, and also you must seek the aid of experienced professionals. You will see information to greatly help organisations in the following portion of this article.

You Are at Risk of Developing a Gambling Problem (3-5 points)

Your test result implies that you will be on your way to creating a severe gambling problem. Regrettably, certain tendencies in your gambling habits are strong indicators which will not be used lightly.

To stop these tendencies from manifesting as a full-fledged gambling problem, we suggest you straight away have a break from playing and that you watchfully assess your circumstances.

Furthermore, we strongly suggest that you utilize Responsible Gambling tools as an easy way of controlling and monitoring your gambling habits. We explain these tools and their benefits in the following section.

You Are Not Currently At Risk (0-3 points)

We're very happy to inform you that your test result will not indicate a creating a gambling problem. With that said ,, we still recommend you stay glued to the maxims that individuals have discussed in this essay.

Responsible Gambling Tools Offered by Casinos

If there are warning signs in your present gambling habits, we recommend you utilize many responsible gambling tools that exist by licensed casinos.

By setting a gambling limit, you can ensure you never exceed a set budget or spend more hours playing than you originally intended.

Here are the most used responsible gambling tools:

Deposit limits

Limit how much you can deposit within a specified period.

Loss Limits

Specify just how much you are willing to lose within a specified period. It's important to keep in mind that the limit is founded on your net losses. This implies the limit is in accordance with the bankroll you had from the beginning of a new period. For example, when you yourself have set a loss limit of $20 per week, and you had a $100 bankroll in the very beginning of the period, the limit will begin working as soon as your bankroll is down to $80. In other words, any extra winnings aren't considered.

Bet Limits

Specify how much will be allowed to bet in a specific period.

Time limit

Permits you predetermine how much time you are able to spend playing in a certain period. Once you have reached the limit, you will not be allowed to play before limit is reset.


Enables you to temporarily close your account. Generally, casinos offer self-exclusion periods which range from 24 hours to six months. When you request a self-exclusion, you'll not manage to login for your requirements before self-exclusion has expired. You may also request a permanent self-exclusion which will prevent you from ever playing with the casino again.

Aside from which limit you choose; might maxims will be the same. Here is what you must know about gambling limits:

  • A limit is implemented instantly after you have requested it.
  • A chosen period starts from the moment you have requested a limit.
  • Limits generally span between twenty four hours and 90 days. These intervals may vary slightly from casino to another.
  • In the event that you increase a limit, you will have to wait before the limit is reset for your changes to be effected. If you lower a limit, your changes will be implemented immediately.

Seeking Professional Help

In the event that you suffer with a gambling problem, you shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Compulsive gambling is a problem which unfortunately affects a large number of people, and the same as with any other addiction, you will find professionals specialising in this field.

If your test result shows that you have an acute gambling problem, we strongly urge you to make with any of the organisations listed below. That way, you will receive appropriate counselling and hopefully recover at the earliest opportunity.

Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help is an organisation supporting people with gambling problems through online chat, telephone sessions and peer-to-peer support. You can even make use of a gambling calculator in order to find face-to-face counselling in your state.

Gamblers Help

Cost-free, confidential help offered through face-to-face counselling, on the web chat sessions and telephone. You can even make with former gamblers who are able to provide you with peer-to-peer help and support you tackle your overall situation.

Australian Gambling Research Centre

The Australian Government’s official helpline. Visit this website to learn more on online counselling and information regarding support for loved ones and friends. You'll also find a free number to a helpline which can be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.

Gambler Anonymous Australia

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of gents and ladies who share their experiences and strength to simply help each other cure gambling problems. The organisation conducts 130 local, weekly meetings all over Australia and also offers support to affected partners and loved ones.

Choosing The Right Casino

Once you have established that you have a healthier attitude towards gambling, you need to go through the security standards of the casino you are using. Continue reading to master how you ensure a casino is safe and trustworthy.

Choose a Licensed Casino

First and foremost, you have to ensure the casino has an adequate gambling license. The best way to ensure the casino is licensed is to try to find an emblem from a professional regulator, a license number, in the casino’s footer.

If there is no such information, you should not play with the casino.

Trusted gambling authorities include:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission

If you wish to verify further that the casino is licensed, you can examine if it's listed in the regulator’s public licensee register.

Go directly to the regulator’s official internet site, find its licensee register, and paste the casino’s license number in the search field. If your search yields a result, you will be sure the casino is licensed.

Here are three examples of public licensee registers:


All casinos that are licensed by reputable regulators have satisfactory security standards. This is because regulators make certain that game results are fair and random and that customers’ payment details and private information are adequately encrypted.

Although you can trust regulators to accomplish their job, it is still good to at least involve some knowledge about on the web safety. By understanding which security aspects are most significant, you are able to better assess different casinos and gamble even safer.

Data Encryption Explained

A trustworthy casino uses advanced SSL-encryption to guard painful and sensitive customer data. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standardised security technology that's used to determine an encrypted connection between a server and a customer – or in this situation, between you and the casino.

SSL is basically a protocol which means that any information you send to a internet site is never sent as plain text, but alternatively as an encrypted message. Only the receiving internet site can decrypt the info, effectively rendering it useless to undesired third-parties who might intercept the information.

You will recognise an encrypted internet site by the padlock symbol displayed in the internet browser’s URL field, next to the net address. Yet another clear indicator is that SSL-encrypted websites have URLs beginning with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’.

As we have previously mentioned, adequate data encryption is a mandatory requirement of on the web casinos. But some casinos go the additional mile and acquire additional certifications. If you can start to see the seal of a dependable cybersecurity company in the casino’s footer, it is usually a great sign.

How to Gamble Safer By Choosing Secure Payment Methods

Even though licensed casinos encrypt customers’ payment details, choosing a suitable payment method provides you with an extra layer of security.

For example, you might want to use an e-wallet rather than a debit card to avoid leaving out your card information on several website pages. This approach could be especially suitable when you play with several casinos, since it reduces the chance of your payment details ending up in the wrong hands whenever you can.

This will not mean to state that world-standard payment options such as for example Visa or Mastercard aren't safe. All things considered, these are world-leading payment merchants using incredibly sophisticated security systems. Nevertheless , if you are still feeling concerned, minimising the number of website pages that store your computer data is always the best thing.