Casino Loyalty Programs – What You Should Knowcasino loyalty programs editorial

All Online Casinos in Australia desires to grow its customer
base. A significant tool for winning over customers and gaining their loyalty may be the
casino loyalty program (also known as a “VIP program” or “Rewards Program“).To do this goal, the casino uses bonuses and freebies as a means of achieving this objective.
New players get exciting welcome bonuses, and existing players get a array of bonuses and
promotions, clubbed together in the shape of a loyalty program.Let’s teach you just what a loyalty program is, the types of loyalty programs available, and
why it’s to help you to make the most of them.

What Is An Online Casino Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is a method that on the web casinos employ to ensure players do not fall
off, and so they try this by offering them bonuses and other perks in appreciation of their
loyalty. The foundation is way early in the day, however; this was a method that land-based
casinos employed to reward high spenders, giving them complimentary offers, colloquially
referred to as ‘comps’.


There is a difference, though:
in the land-based casinos
the comps were available to big spenders that the casinos identified through
their spending patterns. At an online casino, the loyalty program is
available to anyone who are able to certainly be a regular real money casino player –
you don’t have to bet big to get access to a loyalty program, betting
frequently enough is the key.

Types of Loyalty Programs

There are 2 major types of loyalty programs: a generic loyalty program and a VIP

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Generic Loyalty

This really is a loyalty program wherein the casino rewards players with
loyalty points – also known as comp points – for placing a real income
wagers, usually 1 loyalty point whenever they wager a particular amount
wagered. The loyalty points get accumulated in the player’s account as
he continues to wager and play. When he features a certain quantity of
loyalty points in his kitty he’s permitted to redeem them, either for
cash bonuses or other freebies.

Some casinos also allow you to redeem them for bonuses that they provide.
An example may be the program offered by Raging Bull
, an incredible online and mobile casino that’s
popular among Australian players. At the Raging Bull Casino you get comp
points as soon as you subscribe with the casino and place real cash
wagers. You may get cash return by redeeming these points once you have
accumulated a certain number.

This type of a loyalty program is open to all a real income players for
the most part casinos. The casinos advertise the clear presence of such
a loyalty program and the option of comp points entirely on their
internet site, either on the website landing page or on the promotions
page. Some casinos advertise this entirely on the landing page or have a
VIP tab, while others give you these details once you have enrolled in
real money play and logged in.


VIP Loyalty Program

The word ‘loyalty’ may sound politically incorrect; that’s the reason
most online casinos use a word that sounds definitely better, elitist
even, but delivers the same intent and rewards – a VIP program.

The VIP program is a loyalty program at a slightly more impressive range.
It’s not just redeemable points you will get through this system; you
get a selection of other bonuses and benefits aswell in appreciation of
your time and money.

This system can be quite a multi-tiered program that you enter at the
basic. The levels have fancy names, often designed to suit the theme of
the casino it self. The more you play, the more points you collect and
higher up the levels you go, because any time you reach a certain number
of points the next level gets unlocked. As well as your bonuses and
benefits increase with each level-up that you achieve.

A good example to consider is PlayAmo Casino. This
casino features a 10-level VIP program that’s ready to accept players.
You start at the best level when you register, and work the right path
up as you play more and bet more and thereby collect more comp points.
The levels have cool names and you get yourself a special reward every
time you unlock a new level.

  • Level 1 – Amateur: Here is the beginner level and
    also you are assigned to it as soon as you begin a real income play.
    The CPs with this level are 1 to 49 points and the reward is access
    to the VIP program.
  • Level 2 – Rookie: 50 CPs to get here, and you get
    15 free spins on Platinum Lightning.
  • Level 3 – Intermediate: 200 CPs to get here. You
    get 50 free spins on Platinum Lightning.
  • Level 4 – Pro: 600 CPs to unlock this level. You
    get 150 free spins on Lucky Lady’s Clover.
  • Level 5 – Star: 1500 CPs to unlock this level. You
    get 125 free spins each on 2 slots – Aztec Magic and Hawaii
  • Level 6 – Superstar: 4000 CPs to unlock this level.
    You get €50 credited to your casino account.
  • Level 7 – VIP: 15,000 CPs to unlock this level. You
    get €200 in your casino account.
  • Level 8 – Diamond: 200,000 CPS to unlock this
    level. You get €1000 in your casino account.
  • Level 9 – Royal: 750,000 CPs to unlock this level.
    You get €10,000 in your casino account.
  • Level 10 – Godlike: 5, 000, 000 CPs to unlock this
    level. This level gets the ultimate prize for anybody who are able
    to unlock it – a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar.

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Getting Access to a VIP Loyalty Program

Whilst the common methodology is the same – you must play frequently enough to be able to
participate a casino’s VIP loyalty program – the approach that casinos simply take

At some casinos you obtain access to the VIP program the moment you register with the casino
for a real income play and make your first deposit. They are often casinos which can be new
and provide immediate VIP enrolment as incentive to new players, combined with other perks
like no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses. This is the way it often calculates at these

  1. The player signs up with the casino and makes his first deposit.
  2. The casino offers a bunch of loyalty points combined with the regular welcome bonus on
    the first deposit.
  3. These end up being the eligibility criteria for granting him use of the VIP loyalty

The above scenario doesn’t apply to all online casinos, however.

Many casinos, however , have confidence in keeping the VIP program as exclusive as they can.
And that is why these casinos offer VIP membership at their discretion. The casinos monitors
a player’s playing pattern and simply take the step to supply VIP membership when they are
assured that the player is playing often enough and spending enough in this. This can happen
2 ways:

  1. The casino may possibly the player directly and provide membership to the VIP
    loyalty program.
  2. The player might e-mail the support team requesting use of the casino’s VIP program.
    A classic example is True Blue
    , that offers over 200 high quality RTG games to its players.
    Once you subscribe to real money play and start wagering, you will have to send an
    e-mail to the casino to request VIP membership.

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What Are the Benefits of Online Casino Loyalty Programs?

A multi-tiered VIP loyalty program provides players with a complete array of benefits. The
bigger up the levels you go the bigger, better and higher the bonuses get. Listed here are a
few of the bonuses and perks you get as a member of a VIP program or club:


Exclusive VIP welcome bonuses



Higher value of bonuses and promotions



Exclusive bonuses and promotions



Cashback bonuses



Entry to exclusive tournaments



Higher deposit and withdrawal limits



Faster cashout times



Higher comp point conversion rates



Special and exclusive holiday packages



Special games



Special gifts and freebies on special days such as a
player’s birthday or anniversary



Cash bonuses and promotions



Custom bonus packages



Personal VIP Account Manager


The value of VIP Loyalty Programs and just why You ought to Look closely at Them

The value of VIP loyalty programs is apparent: you increase and better bonuses than you’ll as
a normal player. The difference becomes apparent as you progress to the bigger levels. The
opportunities and bonuses that open up for you personally are almost incredible at some

Imagine having an individual VIP account manager; this means you have one dedicated person to
deal with things related to the loyalty programs for you personally, which comes at no
additional cost! After that you can just concentrate on placing your wager, playing and

The other bonuses offered at a higher degree of the casino’s program are equally lucrative:
access to special VIP events, access to special sports or entertainment events, exclusive
bonuses – these are agreed to you exclusively. And there is more, you get access to
exclusive tournaments which can be open only to VIP members.