Take Part in This Epic Slot Battle for 200 Free Spins!

David Redknapp - 02 December 2020 in Blog

Do you want your chance to get up to 200 Free spins from one of the top online casinos? Well, here it is! With GreenSpin Casino you may get yourself free spins for his or her slot of the week. The sole catch: you won’t know what type it is until it's revealed at the end of the week! You'll have to guess among three alternatives for what their next slot of the week will be. This may get you some non-deposit free streams nevertheless, you also can deposit to obtain additional!

Examine your knowledge – or your luck – and see when you can determine which of the three slots will be their slot of the week. Could it be the one you guessed or could it be usually the one you never might have guessed in a million years? Well, there’s just one method to find out.

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Slot Battle

For your chance to get 10, 50, 100, or even 200 free spins you need to interact on GreenSpin Casino’s Slot Battle that happens each week. When you guess their next slot of the week you will earn yourself 10 non-deposit free spins! If that’s insufficient then depositing is where you are able to grab all of those other free spins.

You could be getting all these free spins for his or her slot of the week each week, all you have to to complete is head up to their internet site to enable you to take a peek for yourself. But first, why don’t we delve a little further in to the ins and outs of the promotion?

What You Can Do To Enter and Get Those Free Spins

If you want lots of free spins to play their game of the week with you then will need to understand how you are able to possibly buy them. That’s what this section is for; it’s going to inform you of what you need to do to enter. Thankfully, though, there isn’t really much to it as you will soon find out!

Well, if you just want a couple of free spins without deposit needed, then all you could will have to do is correctly guess which of three slots will be their slot of the week. Now, this does mean you get yourself a 1 in 3 potential for obtaining a few free spins but should you want to get yourself a bunch of guaranteed free spins then you will need to deposit.

We've talked about you getting 200 free spins but that's only when you are able to deposit 150 AUD or even more through the week. There are other options though. You could just deposit the the least 40 AUD or you might go middle of the road with a deposit of 80 AUD. Whatever it is you choose, you'll be awarded with those free spins on that Saturday after which you need to use them to try out their game of the week!

What You Stand To Win

Whilst the title of the article suggests, you are able to win yourself 200 free spins, nevertheless , that is not the sole offer. If you do not feel just like you wish to deposit 150 AUD in one week for the total 200 free spins, you will find other free spins you are able to win. You might deposit the minimum and get 50 free spins or much more and surely get yourself 100 free spins.

The deposits aren't the only things that will get you free spins, however. You may also get yourself 10 non-deposit free spins if you manage to properly guess what the next slot of the week is likely to be! It’s not a lot in comparison to what the deposits could possibly get you nonetheless it undoubtedly is nice given you don’t have to deposit hardly any money. Besides, you've still got a 1 in 3 potential for getting it right. That’s a 1 in 3 chance of getting 10 non-deposit free spins. We like those odds. Include the actual fact that you’re not losing any such thing in the event that you get it wrong and it becomes apparent that is a great deal.

All of these free spins will be for the actual game of the week therefore even if you don’t manage to guess correctly what that is, you it's still in a position to play the actual game of the week with those free spins you have from depositing!

terms and conditions

  1. Players must make deposits during the week
  2. The full total of these deposits has to be add up to or more than the deposit amount required e. g. sum to 150 AUD for the sum total 200 free spins
  3. Players must vote which slot they believe that it is for the excess 10 non-deposit free spins
  4. The TGIF promotion is available every Friday at Jack Million Casino

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