Say Hello to 2021 with $10,000 At BAO Casino

David Redknapp - 08 January 2021 in Blog

Christmas might be over, but tht does not mean the gift giving is performed! Lots of the best online casinos are still running incredible festive bonuses and tournaments, giving players the opportunity to win Free spins, physical prizes, and more!

Come to BAO Casino and help them generate the brand new Year by winning their $10, 000 available! You will get to play some amazing slots, all while racking up points to help you win the grand prize. You don’t want to miss this chance to make 2021 already so a lot better than 2020, do you?

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Welcome 2021

BAO Casino is saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming 2021 with open arms! In order to celebrate the start of this New Year, they are offering you the opportunity to win your self $10, 000. If that doesn’t sound like a good start to the newest year to you than I don’t know very well what would. Ensure you’re there from the 31st of December to the 10th of January to get this prize for your self.

And it doesn’t stop there! There exists a total prize pool of $70, 000 which means that even though you don’t turn out on the top you could still come out with a fairly whole lot none-the-less.

How to Get This Prize for Yourself

Players, as you, who are looking to win this prize, will want to learn how to even be eligible for this tournament first. That step is straightforward enough. All that's necessary to accomplish is place a bet of at least $0. 50 in another of the qualifying games. Oh, and don’t forget you need to play real cash – you can’t be prepared to come on money in the event that you don’t play with real cash.

Now about the hard part – winning. You need to win big in order to get the points you will need to win. For every single $1 you win you'll get 10 points. Now, that’s not so difficult to complete but, remember, you'll be competing with other people who want this prize as much or even more than you so that you want to get started and win big!

H2: What You Stand to Win With This Promotion

With a complete prize pool of $70, 000 there is going to be a lot of prizes available. You, of course, may wish to get that $10, 000 from first place; but you can still get hold of some pretty great prizes – even if you don’t emerge on the top.

Here is a list of what the top 550 players will each receive:

  1. First place will walk away with the $10,000 grand prize
  2. Second place will get half of that with $5,000
  3. Third place will receive $3,000
  4. Fourth place is going to get $1,500
  5. Fifth place will be receiving $1,000
  6. Sixth place will get $900
  7. Seventh place will receive $800
  8. Eighth place will get $700
  9. Ninth will be getting $600
  10. And tenth will get themselves $500
  11. Then, those who place in the eleventh to twenty-fifth place bracket will each receive $400
  12. Those in the twenty-sixth to fiftieth place bracket will each get $200
  13. Those in the fifty-first to one hundredth place bracket will each get $150
  14. Those in the one hundred and first to 2 hundred and fiftieth place bracket will each get $100
  15. And finally, those who place two hundred and first to 500 and fiftieth will each get $50

The Qualifying Games

Now that you understand much more about the promotion it self, let’s touch base on the games you are able to play to get your points for the tournament. These slots are typical from Playson, so let’s see everything you could possibly get out of them, besides points, obviously.

Legend of Cleopatra Megaways

Let’s start with their Ancient Egyptian themed slots – of which you will find four total here. First, we've the slot Legend of Cleopatra Megaways which focuses on ab muscles famous Cleopatra – whilst the name suggests – along with being a Megaways slot, meaning you can get ranging from 324 and 200, 704 methods to win. With this slot you may get multipliers free spins and collapsing symbols.

Book of Gold: Multichance

Then we've Book of Gold: Multichance. This slot has free spins which may be retriggered and may bring about symbols being given special abilities that will make winning easier for you.

Solar King and Solar Queen

Next on our visit to Egypt, we will see the slot Solar King as well as Solar Queen. We’ve decided it’s only fair to group these two slots together since they are King and Queen along with sharing features like multipliers and free spins as well as their Flaming Frames feature.

Solar Temple

The Solar Temple slot – that will be also in the slot list – is fairly similar – even though, it's set in Central America instead of Ancient Egypt.

Burning Wins: Classic 5 Lines slot and Diamond Wins: Hold and Win

Both Playson’s Super Burning Wins: Classic five Lines slot and Diamond Wins: Hold and Win slot share the classic slot theme. The first only has a multiplier you can trigger whereas the latter comes with a bonus game that one can trigger.

Super Sunny Fruits

Our last three slots are typical Hold and Wins, like the previously mentioned one so each of them share their bonus feature so we’ll just mention the theme for you. First on this short list is Super Sunny Fruits: Hold and Win. This slot, whilst the name suggests, is about fresh fruit – little to share with you there.

Pearl Beauty

Moving to the next slot, we have Pearl Beauty: Hold and Win that has the classic Asian theme that many slots have combined with the very valuable pearl icons.

Buffalo Power

Last but not least, we've our slot Buffalo Power: Hold and Win which runs on the Indigenous American theme with the symbols as Native American wildlife.

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